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With more than 10 years experience in the Belize real estate industry, Capital Property Brokers Ltd. is a partner who understands your needs, asks the right questions, provides honest feedback and has your best interest at heart. Rest assured that every part of the process will be looked after with great care and skill!

We employ the most knowledgeable and tech savvy agents in the country who possess a savoir fare and passion for dealing with people.  Our team accesses the widest possible audience utilizing the most modern avenues of marketing and delivers targeted solutions to best suit your needs for better nation-wide and international exposure.

The real estate industry has changed tremendously – it is swiftly becoming an internet-driven business, where buyers diligently research and are acutely aware of the market. This requires your property to stand out from the crowd. Capital Property Brokers Ltd. prides itself on the philosophy that every property carries unique value and requires and deserves specialized attention beyond standard real estate channels. We guarantee a marketing strategy that will net more than selling as just another property.

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Affordable 1/2 Acre lots outside of Ladyville

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